Lost Property

At the Festival we always provide a "Lost and Found" Service - usually provided in one of the booths at the under-cover area at the Showgrounds.

This area is also used to assist in locating missing children.

Should you find an article (toy - mobile phone - hand bag - wallet - etc.) please hand it in at the booth.  We will fill out a Lost & Found form.

Should you lose an item - please go to the booth and report the missing item.  We will fill out a Lost & Found form and your contact details so that we can contact you when the item has been found.  If you notice that you are missing an item after the festival itself - please send us an email at: redeasterfamfest@gmail.com  - make sure you include your contact details and a clear description of the missing item.


Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the volunteers who showed a Christian servant's attitude to the thousands of visitors at last year's Easter Festival 2019.

The committee would also like to thank the Redland City Council as the major sponsor of the Festival - along with many corporate sponsors and local churches who made the festival possible by their generous donations. Last year's 2019 Redlands Easter Family Festival was an outstanding success with about 20,000 people enjoying the hospitality provided by more than 400 volunteers and entertainers.


For more information contact:
REFF President, Peter Sutter: 0411 722 548
REFF Secretary, John Van Dijk: 0419 330 003 

Email: redeasterfamfest@gmail.com

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