Mission & Vision Statement


The REFF exists so that our wider local community have the opportunity in a non-threatening arena, to experience the genuine love of God and the Good News of the Easter Message.


The REFF exists as a free annual event to make connections between individuals from the wider Redlands City Community and Christians from local Churches. It provides an opportunity for individuals to experience the community services, care and help that the local Community offers. In all things we aim to run this event with a high standard of excellence.

Vision Statement

Good News for the Redlands! The REFF exists to showcase Redlands as a truly Caring Community; It is a City that looks after it's own. It has clubs, programs and facilities that foster a strong sense of community belonging and that also meet the needs of the lonely, the sick, the old, the marginalised, the disadvantaged and the disabled in a meaningful way. Visitors to the REFF will have the opportunity to experience the love of God in action. This will be shown through the many clubs and programs, the totally free entertainment, food and refreshments but mostly shown through the genuine caring of the volunteers from our local Churches. The event will prove the relevance of and need for local Churches, missions and services in our community. Individuals will be encouraged to connect with local community programs, facilities and clubs. The REFF exists to prove the genuine goodness of Christians in our community, against the negative misconceptions that are often promoted within the wider media, as being the norm within Christian groups. The REFF exists to foster unity between Christian Churches that wish to promote the foundational message of Easter. This message is the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, for the sins of the world. His shed blood on the cross of Calvary was the sacrifice that brings the forgiveness of sins, makes the way back to God and the free gift of eternal life, freely available to anyone who will receive Him and believe in who He claimed to be – the very Son of God. To be read in conjunction with the Constitution of the Redlands Easter Family Festival Inc

The Redlands Easter Family Festival exists to serve the churches of the Redlands by providing a free family-oriented community event, to proclaim and celebrate the Easter message, of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and to support other ventures of Christian witness and unity in the Redlands.

In pursuing this REFF commits itself to:

  • Upholding and proclaiming the Word of God as revealed in the Holy Bible
  • Serving as a catalyst for understanding and unity among the local Churches
  • Creating new connections between Churches and the wider Redlands community
  • Demonstrating to the people in our local community the relevance of the Gospel and the wonderful benefits of belonging to a local Church
  • Inspiring and resourcing other inter-church initiatives that foster unity and mission in the Redlands and strengthen local Churches.

Its way of working will be characterised by:

  • A desire to honour Christ in all things - both in word and deed.
  • Being as inclusive of churches as possible focusing on those aspects which are shared most broadly across the Christian community and which are not divisive.
  • Being sensitive to the needs and concerns of the people it seeks to serve.
  • Contributing to the building up of the wider Redlands community by standing for justice, compassion, reconciliation, healing and understanding among all people.

REFF draws its membership from local churches and individual Christians in the Redlands. It seeks to work in partnership with local Churches and Christian groups, organisations and networks, including the Redlands Ministers Fellowship, in order that the goals of unity, witness and service may be expressed as fully as possible.

To God be the glory.


Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the volunteers who showed a Christian servant's attitude to the thousands of visitors at last year's Easter Festival 2019.

The committee would also like to thank the Redland City Council as the major sponsor of the Festival - along with many corporate sponsors and local churches who made the festival possible by their generous donations. Last year's 2019 Redlands Easter Family Festival was an outstanding success with about 20,000 people enjoying the hospitality provided by more than 400 volunteers and entertainers.


For more information contact:
REFF President, Peter Sutter: 0411 722 548
REFF Secretary, John Van Dijk: 0419 330 003 

Email: redeasterfamfest@gmail.com

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